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Finding the balance between saving money and getting the job done right is always a juggling act. I want products that work without making me change my entire lifestyle or living standard. I want to be proud of how the equipment works and how it looks. If it means calling rusty tin cans spinning above my roof wind generators or wires running down through my windows from the solar panels– then I’ll have to keep looking for a better solution. Bamboo Jones Recommends

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bigger Blades, Better Power?

In most locations, GENTLE winds (5-15 mph) are the most common, and strong winds are much more rare. As you'll see by examining our latest wind generators, our philosophy about designing wind turbines is to make large, sturdy machines that produce good power in low wind speeds, and are able to survive high wind events while still producing maximum power. The power available in the wind goes up by a factor of 8 as the windspeed doubles.
Other critical factors are rotor size and tower height. The power a wind generator can harvest goes up by at least a factor of 4 as you double the rotor size. And making a tower higher gets you above turbulence for better performance and substially increased power output. Putting a wind turbine on a short tower is like mounting solar panels in the shade!
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